We met with several unbeliefs —Founder, WTC Business Solutions

Oseni Adewale Paul, a graduate of Capital University USA, studied Information System before proceeding to study Data Management at National Open University of Nigeria. He is an entrepreneur and founder of WTC Business Solutions and a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur 2016. In this interview, he lets other budding entrepreneurs into the secret of success under challenging environment such as in Nigeria. Excerpts.

HOW did you start and what inspired you to go in this line of business?

WTC Business Solutions is a service and education organization with the focus on raising young innovators through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education initiative. Our centre was developed not to rival others already in the field but to compliment them by raising the bar.

Initial challenges you faced when you started

The first challenge we had was being taken seriously. Some of the things we proposed where things that most people believed should only be possible at the university level or that one needs to have gone to some special schools to do the kind of hands-on we proposed. Since our program is designed to be integrated into school curriculums, we had to do a lot of demo before any school will sign us up. We met with several unbelief, hence we had to develop a Q&A to address the questions parents or school administrators could ask. While startup cost wasn’t a major challenge, there were periods we couldn’t proceed with some ideas and plan because the funds available were insufficient.

Main Inspiration – business/personal

In business, I have always been fascinated by Elon Musk’s resilience towards getting result. He is undeterred and what most call failure is another launch pad for him. He believes so much in himself, he’ll take a bet on himself, not a lot of people can do that. Another person that motivated me is Tony Elumelu, this is one individual whose life mantra is nurture young Africans to become great. Where others see competition, he sees partnership, that, I admire about him.

What makes you different from your competitors?

While others teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) we added an A which stands for ‘Art’ to make things even more interesting. This makes it possible for students who aren’t science inclined to be part of our program. In addition, our trainings are designed to see new innovation through the use of waste (e.g. building a drone using plastics or Styrofoam, building an electric kettle using glow plug or milk tin, to name a few). We are not heavily dependent on expensive materials to train our students on robotics. Also, our programs are offered in partnership with schools to afford students the opportunity of learning all year round compared to summer schools as offered by competitors.

What it takes to start a business

It takes strong passion, commitment and above all a resilient attitude because you are bound to hear and see people say your concepts are not achievable in such an environment as ours.

How your business has made you better

Working with different kinds of people is no small task. I have had to learn the servant leadership method, sharpened my people skill, and above all have been more conscious of my act as a leader because consciously or unconsciously, I am leading people.


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